Android App Development – A Lucrative Business

Android App Development – A Lucrative Business

You must have heard the name of android technology whenever you discuss about the smart phones. But what is android technology? Android is a mobile OS and middle ware application layer introduced by a well known company “Google”. Android technology is a development kit which includes tools and APIs for mobile application development and this development kit is also known as android SDK kit. Android app development is one of the major market player in mobile application development.

Android app development is similar to Java coding thus any developer having good knowledge of Java programming can create mobile apps using android SDK development kit. The amazing features of android mobiles have created large fan following around the world. Businesses have started creating unique android application to sustain in this savvy market. There are number of  software development services available for android app development in the market but not every can meet your expectation.

While choosing software development services to create a unique app for your business, it is important to ensure that the company is able to understand your ideas and requirements. There are few companies in India which are most favorite among the global clients because of their extraordinary development services and cheapest rate. These Indian companies also allow you to hire the android developers directly and provides great flexibility in terms of payment.

Google has made android development SDK kit available as free open source platform thus Development charge of android apps are not so high. And one more advantage of this open source platform is android OS accepts third party applications and developers from all nations can access it for free. Less investment and maximum revenues!! who will not take benefit of this? Many offshore  software companies have thus started offering development services.

Below are the reasons why android app development has got immense popularity of smart phones market:

(1)  Android SDK development kit is available as open source platform by Google thus you need to worry for licensing stuff and you get maximum ROI.

(2)  This is an era of smart phones which can make our lives better and smart. Android apps and other features of android device have actually changed the way we were living. You can read and send emails, see forecast on your cell, watch news, find location, consult doctor online, book travel tickets online from your cell and there are much more things you can do with android smart phones.

(3)  Android apps are having 2D and 3D games which is giving a unique experience to game lovers. However, smart phones like android is not limited to entertainment apps, it has a range of corporate apps which have simplified much of corporate tasks.

(4)  There are many online communities where developers can get tips guidelines to develop android app. You get unbiased suggestions for free. You can discuss the development issues you are facing and get resolution. You can also share your ideas with the other developers and same way you can also come to know the latest trend and resources in the international market.

Matt lutz is a developer in one of the world renowned software development services. He is having 5 years of experience in android app development.

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