if u dont have a jailbrokon ps3 ill do it for you psn-killaglitcher33 loobyz-20 psn card or 200 headshots 1. Download the EBOOT.BIN once downloaded, 2. Configure your method of transfering files, wheter it’s FTP Server or File Manager. 3. Locate the regular EBOOT.BIN, it’s in the USRDIR folder of your game code (BLUS*****) or whatever. 4. Overwrite the original EBOOT.BIN with the modded one. 5. Load up Black Ops, and go into multiplayer. 6. Once in multiplayer, press Triangle. If it brings up your list of friends, then you’re doing it all right so far . 7. Go into Local Splitscreen. Once there, don’t change any of the options for the game. Leave it the way it is and start the game. 8. Now that the game has started, choose any team. Then choose the first class. 9. Now, you have no gun or anything. Press select, and you should get sent back to the menu where you choose which team you’re on. Behind your pause screen, you’ll see text. If you don’t, restart the method. 10a. Press end game now. Go back to the Multiplayer menu, and hit triangle. If you bring up your friends list, you’re almost done. 10b. If all has gone right up to this point, you should notice you’re 16th prestige, glitched 15th, level 50, and have 99 Million COD Points. 11. Quit the game, and go back to the XMB. From there, delete your Black Ops Game Data. Not Save Data, Game Data. Then launch Black Ops and re-download your 1.05 patch. 12. Go into multiplayer, and go to Player Match.