Comparing Android and iOS security: How they rate

Comparing Android and iOS security: How they rate
Beware. Bad guys have their sights on Android and iOS. Experts compare the two security approaches and point out weaknesses for each platform.
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The 6 Reasons Research In Motion Shot Itself In the Foot
Ten years ago, Research in Motion (RIMM) was the leading mobile phone company in the world in terms of buzz and prestige.  Anyone important – celebrities, Wall Street investment bankers, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs – carried the iconic BlackBerry.Even as late as a year ago, the BlackBerry led all smart phones in terms of market share.This year, they’ve lost a significant amount of market …
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Xamarin and Attachmate’s SUSE settle split-up, partner over Mono
Attachmate’s SUSE business unit announced a partnership with Xamarin, which formed to support the open source .NET clone “Mono” after Attachmate jettisoned the Mono team in May. The agreement grants Xamarin a broad license to all IP covering Mono products, including Mono for Android, and calls for Xamarin to provide technical support to SUSE customers using Mono-based products, says SUSE.
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Is Amazon Android’s Last Stand for a Hit Honeycomb Tablet?
More details emerge about Amazon’s Android tablet, slated to hit the market this October in time for the holiday season. Analysts discuss the prospects for the Honeycomb machine.
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