Motorola Droid Froyo Install Part One

Files: Note this is if you already have a nandroid backup folder in your SD card. 1) Download file 2) Extract folder named froyo-BS-20100605-0547 3) Place BS-20100605-0547 in the /sdcard/nandroid folder on your sdcard 4) Restart phone in recovery 5) Go to Backup/Restore, select advanced restore, select the above folder and press the camera button. Part Two: DroidReview Chanel:

PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ ****YOU MUST BE ROOTED**** *** New update at the bottom of the description 2-10-10*** Step 1 DOWNLOAD THIS FILE Save to desktop Step 2 Take the smoked glass zip file and extract it to the desktop, you may rename the folder to what you want, but DO NOT tamper with the files inside! Step 3 Drag the folder that you just extracted (smoked glass v4) to your sdcard- YOU MUST PLACE IT IN THE “nandroid” folder, no other location, no other subfolders. Step 4 Reeboot in recovery mode – Power on by pushing power button and holding X at the same time. Step 5 Go to advanced nandroid restore, click on choose backup, find the ROM you want, in this case, smoked glass v4, then hit the enter button, then leave the default options checked, hit perform restore, then back out by pushing the power button, then hit reboot, and your done! I would like to thank AdamZ for making this ROM, he did an awesome job! Feel free to thank him at this website, he is always tweaking it and refining it. Adam is always making new versions of this ROM almost daily, Please go here to download the latest ROM, and just repeat all the steps above =) Please remember to visit these sites for any and all DROID info: