Viewty LG KU990 – Better Than The iPhone?

Viewty LG KU990 – Much Better Than The iPhone?

With the hype of the present discharge of the Iphone you’d be pardoned because of not understanding LG’s latest offering, the LG KU990 Viewty. Just like the iPhone handset the Viewty enables you to definitely navigate its menus featuring using the touch of the finger. But LG have added a couple of features towards the Viewty the iPhone is greatly missing. Could this touchscreen technology underdog be much better than the iPhone?

The LG KU990 Viewty is outfitted having a 5-megapixel camera together with a xenon flash and auto-focus which puts Apple iPhone’s 2-megapixal offering to shame. Your camera may also be switched to capture high-speed motion footage and features a unique feature that enables you to definitely discover the shocking truth replay in slow motion. Combine this using the choice to instantly upload to YouTube and you may plainly understand why the Viewty is reputable competition for that iPhone.

The Viewty enables you to definitely see the Internet via a fast GPRS or 3G Web connection by having an innovative internet browser that enables you to definitely focus on regions of webpages after which make use of your finger to tug the page in all directions. This function is helpful because the handset screen is small , attempting to read a complete website with no zoom could be nearly impossible. Surprisingly the Viewty is missing a Wi-Fi option, an element that has become extremely popular and almost a ‘must have’ on new cell phones as Internet browsing gets to be more popular.

The onboard 170MB memory is generous however the microSD memory are only able to be expanded to 2GB that is really poor considering the Viewty will probably be employed for recording top quality photographs and video. In comparison to the iPhone’s standard 8GB the Viewty fails to deliver with a lengthy way.

The onscreen buttons and menus are simple to navigate and also the photo gallery nicely enables you to definitely drag photos just like you were shuffling through a lot of photographs organized on the table. Just like the iPhone there are several traditional buttons located underneath the screen where you can rapidly answer calls or lead you towards the primary menu. There’s also an array of buttons along the side of the handset which permit easy utilisation of the camera options.

At 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm the Viewty handset is smaller sized compared to iPhone but slightly thicker. Battery existence will work for a normal phone however with another technologies incorporated it will likely be essential to regularly recharge particularly if you have set the telephone to vibrate every time you pick a button around the touchscreen.

To conclude the Viewty isn’t just a clone from the iPhone. Yes the iPhone will always be popular and can sell a lot more units as a result of frantic marketing campaign and brand awareness. Yes the iPhone does look beautiful and manage a lot slicker compared to Viewty. Yes the Viewty is missing Wi-Fi, but there’s a couple of features that can help the Viewty contend with the iPhone. It features a far superior camera including video capture, the Viewty is available to systems apart from O2 and also the handset costs could be considerably under the Iphone. The Viewty is such as the footballer playing for any small team who scores an amazing goal but is overshadowed in media through the big team player’s strike.