Low-cost Ecommerce Website Builders: Which One is Right for You?

Before you choose of cheap ecommerce website builder, it’s important to find out what features are essential for your online store. You should consider how large your store will be, whether you plan to sell thousands of products or a few hundred. The ability to scale the store is also a crucial consideration. You’ll want a builder that can handle thousands of SKUs. The price tag of the website builder should be directly proportional to the number of SKUs it will handle.


If you want to start an ecommerce business with a limited budget, Mozello is an excellent choice. It offers a free plan that includes enough features to start an online store. You can also upgrade your plan for more features, such as discount codes and free domain names. The cheap ecommerce website builder also supports multiple languages and has a live support team to answer any questions that you might have.

cheap ecommerce website builder

Mozello is a self-hosted ecommerce website builder that offers free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to set up a store, but you can only sell up to five products. The paid plans allow you to sell an unlimited number of products and unlimited product variants.

Mozello provides free email support in English and offers a phone support line for those outside the United States. While the phone support line costs money, it has a very active social media presence and customer support reps generally respond to questions within minutes. Despite its free service, Mozello is not a good option for businesses that don’t need a lot of advanced features. Read more info about online store website builder

Mozello is an E-Commerce website builder with a wide range of features. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding. This website builder is reactivity-ready, and offers a number of customizable themes. It’s a great choice for those who want a fast way to set up an online shop.

WeeblyCheap eCommerce Website Builders

If you’re just getting started in the world of ecommerce, Weebly can be the perfect solution for your needs. The site-building service is extremely affordable, with plans starting from as low as $0 a month. The site-building platform offers a wide variety of themes and features, and is very beginner-friendly. It even comes with a free SSL-encrypted shopping cart. In addition, the free plan allows you to add an unlimited number of products. However, you do need to pay for the paid plan if you plan to sell products.

Weebly also comes with a free website hosting option. While this option is great for those just starting out, it is not a scalable solution if you plan to grow. The lack of development means that you will outgrow the free version of Weebly’s features before long. It is not recommended for large ecommerce sites or those with high traffic levels.

Although Weebly has great support and a large library of tutorials and articles, it isn’t the fastest ecommerce website builder. However, if you need help quickly, you can always connect with a live agent or go through their FAQs.

Weebly is an affordable ecommerce website builder that provides the tools and support that you need to create a website. While there are certain shortcomings, Weebly is a great solution for those looking to set up a personal website or an online store. It’s easy to navigate, offers plenty of apps, and is great for beginners.

Weebly is a great choice if you’re just starting out and have limited budget. However, it’s not ideal for marketers, SEO specialists, and high-performance bloggers. The platform has numerous limitations, including the fact that it only supports H2 headings. Some of these limitations can be avoided by installing applications that allow you to add more functionality to your website.


If you are looking for a cheap ecommerce website builder, Shopify is a good choice. Although Shopify isn’t free, it doesn’t cost much either. It’s also GDPR-compliant. However, the company charges a transaction fee for each sale. That fee can range from 0.5% to 2%.

Shopify is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it a good option for beginners. You don’t need any coding experience to build a store with Shopify. Developers can also benefit from its tools, with full access to HTML, CSS, and Liquid. Shopify is also a hosted solution, meaning that you won’t have to worry about web hosting or installing any software. You can create and manage your store from anywhere in the world.

Shopify is also very competitively priced, with a starting price of just $5 per month. The ‘Starter’ plan is good value for money if you’re looking to set up an online shop for a few products. The platform also integrates with a wide range of apps. Although Shopify is easy to use and has a large user base, there are some disadvantages.

Shopify does charge a transaction fee for third-party payment gateways, and its multi-currency selling features don’t work in all countries. You may want to consider upgrading to the Shopify Plus plan if you’re international. The Plus plan comes with more advanced features, such as automatic currency settings.


Wix is a cheap ecommerce site builder that lets you sell anything you want. It offers built-in functionality for product presentation and includes shipping and payment methods. Customers can zoom in on a product to see it in detail, and you can add videos to it. You can also set up subscriptions and pricing plans for your products. Wix is also PCI-DSS-compliant, which means that your website will keep your information secure.

Wix also offers good SEO features. It offers canonical URLs, structured data, and fast indexing. It also offers email marketing and analytics tools. Users can also use Wix’s app market to implement third-party apps. The free version includes access to about 200 apps, of which around 50 are specifically designed for selling online.

Another downside to Wix is that it doesn’t create mobile-friendly websites. This means that your website won’t rank as high for search engine optimization (SEO) compared to a site built with HTML or CSS. But the upside is that Wix has a great ecommerce store option. And you can scale your store as large as you want.

Unlike other cheap ecommerce website builders, Wix also has an ecosystem of tools that can help you customize your site. These tools include Wix apps, and you can even use custom coding if you want to. Wix also has a live chat option, which can help you connect with your customers.

Another feature that Wix offers is the ‘video hours’ feature, which lets you upload videos to your website. This feature is very helpful for filmmakers or video producers who want to show their work. It also allows you to charge for video content.